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Stop the Violence, no more silence.

Hola Everyone! Today is October 1st and it’s officially my birthday month! It is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month which is an issue I’ve been through before. With that being said I decided to start this month off by sharing my story of Domestic Violence Abuse. This story is not a story that I try to use to make people look at me with oohs and ahhs, but it is a reminder of how God’s hand has been placed upon my life in order to protect me.

“Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) evolved from the "Day of Unity" held in October 1981 and conceived by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.” -

I was 19 years old when I met this guy we’re going to call Joseph. Joseph had been introduced to me through a friend and he seemed pretty cool. We had started to take a liking to each other so I figured that since I was single we could start a friendship that could have led to dating. In the beginning there were  no red flags or signs of anything wrong. I was…
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What Kyrie taught me

I always have allowed people get in the way of what I truly wanted for myself within my life. It was the silent persuasion, the constant opinion based advice, and the never ending doubt. Until one day it finally clicked for me, it finally clicked that I wasn't being myself. I was not making decisions that were making me truly happy. I was allowing everyone and their opinions to overshadow decisions that should've came automatically.

Recently I was feeling down about a particular situation that I felt bad for walking away from. I had people say to me that it was a good opportunity, but in my gut I knew by me deciding to walk away would benefit me more than if I would've stayed. Watching the Kyrie Irving interview the other day on Firsr Take helped me realize a few things.

1. I have to believe in myself no matter what it cost.

2. Everything that seems good for me, may be damaging my true self.

3. Make decisions that benefit you, and you only. 

Clearly everyone felt that Kyrie …


It's 8:28 AM in the morning. The sun has risen upon us with its beautiful glare. So beautiful that I cannot help, but to stare.  If I stare to long my eyes will start burning. My eyes also burn when I look at the tv. I can't stomach what is on there to see. Why do people always want to tell my people what to do? They say it's just racism, get over it.  What they don't realize is that very "racism" has made feel like..... Let's stop it right there, lord forgive me. Forgive me of these feelings that I feel on the inside. It's hard to watch my people getting treated this way. If I had my choice to remain living in America I would not stay. Can black women stop getting so wrapped up in who is our bae? We have work to do and all of these other things are unnecessary! We need to teach our sons and daughters how life does not have to be so scary. Working together within our community is a must.  But we continue to get killed because of lust. They say they don't love us, b…


Woman you are the rib. Woman you are the verse to his ad lib. Woman you are beautiful. The heart of a woman should make a man's heart pull. You are created by God mixed with heart, passion, and soul. When a man finds you he sees you as gold. A woman helps make the world go round' When a woman is in labor do you ever pay attention to her sounds? That's the sound of strength. That's the sound of length, the length of the journey that carried her to this joyous time.  She will never admit that sometimes it feels as if loving you is a crime. You see that woman is smart, and even though she may feel uneasy, it's never to late for her to start. We are all that woman, just take the time to look and see. Because that woman could very well be me.

GEMnastics 💎

Hello everyone! I have decided to dust the cobwebs off my blog and get back into this thing!!! Today I would like for my readers to focus on "Balance"  ...balance in life is more of a healing aspect. When we are off balance we do not grow in life effectively. Balance is also the foundationary skill needed in Gymnastics.
When gymnasts are on a balance beam, there's a high chance that they can slip and fall. As you’re watching them perform their routine, they tend to shut everyone else out and focus on achieving the perfect score. This is the same perspective I use when it comes my life. I have to stay focused on on flipping, jumping, bending, etc., all while continuing to balance on my “beam”. Life has a way of frequently throwing us curveballs, to the point that we’ll have to flip, jump, and bend, in order to dodge these things.
"Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks." -
Shannon L. Alder

Expect both the positive and negative in the world…

Lazy Christians

What’s up people? So this is a topic that I have been resisting talking about on my blog because for one it can be potentially be offensive if you don’t read with an open mind. Have you ever thought about how much demand you put on God daily? Sometimes within my prayers I have to recognize and be cautious of how much I’m asking for versus how much I am returning to God. There are many thoughts and questions that I have when I see my fellow peers hoping and praying for certain things which are majority of the time material. Not to say that is bad, but I constantly try to do a self-evaluation for myself to know my limits. Do you ever sit back and reflect at how lazy you may be when it comes to having a relationship with God? Now you may be reading this and thinking that this is not for you, and if it isn’t then you can read for pure enjoyment. I think to myself and sometimes and think why I feel God HAS to do this or that for me. The biggest reality check is that he DOES NOT have to do an…

It's EASY to Fall in Love, but Committing takes work.

Hey everyone! Its Sunday night and others including myself are dreading Monday to come knocking at our door due to the weekend being over in seconds. I decided to blow the dust off my blog and get back into the groove of things. Being that I can't sleep I figured I'll catch up with you all and use this time as a Theraputic release. Side bar my blog has had over 3,000 reads/views!!! Thank you everyone who takes the time to read the thoughts of little ole me, I really APPRECIATE it.

Now that I have said my future Awards speech, I wanted to talk a little about the act of falling in love. All of us fall in love within our lifetime and the act of falling seems to happen very fast. The key word here is falling so hopefully you get my drift. According to a british dating site for married people, they surveyed 1,000 people and found that 55 percent of the group fell in love between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age. That's over half of the perc…